What are the best UPSC interview questions?

When we talk about the UPSC examination, the very first thing which comes to our mind is the mind-boggling questions and answers that we will need to crack to achieve the top spot. The examination is conducted in three different stages – the preliminary, the mains and the personal interview. All the three stages involve various subjects and other topics which the candidates will need to be knowledgeable about.

It should be kept in mind that the IAS Interview Questions which the candidates will be asked by a panel of veteran IAS officers and examiners, will be tricky and will require the candidate’s full knowledge to cope with it. Based on the overall performance of smartness, skills, observation power and other character traits, the final results will be declared.

So here are some of the best UPSC interview questions based on UPSC Exam Syllabus that have been asked frequently every year in IAS Interview by the IAS panel to the candidates. The list is prepared by the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi. Give them a read and check what it takes to crack them.

Q1. Why you aspire to become an IAS officer in India?

This is one of the most common but important questions that most of the candidates are asked about. The answer to this question requires the candidate to briefly state their goals, motives, passion and the level of commitment that the candidates have for their position. This question is not tricky but you have to be really honest about your feelings. Do not try to be over ambitious but be generous about what you say.

Q2. Tell about your positive and negative strengths

Another very important question that the candidates come across with is to tell about their positive and negative strengths. It might look simple yet intimidating. So you will need to carefully make the panellists understand what are the important strengths that you have in both the positive and negative sides of your character. Answer with honesty because it is what the panellists look for. Do not brag about your skills or divert from the topic because they will not serve your purpose. The answer should be crisp and clear.

Q3. How can a raw egg be dropped over a concrete floor and that too without cracking?

The answer to this question will be – Concrete floors are very hard to crack!. This is an out of the box question which you will need to answer with smartness.

Q4. If you had four oranges and three apples in one hand and three oranges and four apples in the another hand, then what are you having?

Most of the candidates would probably add up all the elements that the panellists mentioned and give a sum total of the fruits that you will have in your hands. But the answer does not lie there. The correct and best answer to this question will be “I will have very large hands!”. This is because you will need to have a pair of very large hands if you want to hold so many things.

Q5. The interviewer ordered a cup of brewed coffee for the aspirant. The Coffee was sent to him; kept in front of the aspirant, then he asked, “what is before you”?

The answer to this question is simple but tricky. If observed closely the interviewer asked what is before you. Right? The answer will be “T,” and in this context, Tea will be the answer. The alphabet T comes before U.

So here are some of the best UPSC Interview Question & Answer that you can read about. Make sure you study well and improve your thinking and observation skills before appearing for the IAS examination. Mugging up information and details is not the way you Prepare for IAS Interview. But it must be done with great understanding and full potential of your intelligence.