The Best Resource of Education CRM – Free Demo with SuiteCRM

There is a huge shift in the procedures of interaction and communication in the higher education institutes with their customers, such as employers, donors, alumni or students. In about 90s, there were several universities and colleges that attempted to reconstruct their operation purposes in order to welcome the ever-rising competition along with cutting the costs. Many in-house solutions were created, but unfortunately, they turned out to be expensive, however, this is where ERP came into the picture. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning applications bring help in optimizing the internal processes, like HR or inventory management, etc. Nowadays, education CRM is the latest tool to fill up the gap between the institutions and students.

In the present day, the tech-savvy students demand a high level of personalization, starting from accessing the grades to scheduling the appointments with their career counselors. An effective CRM is one that mends the communication loopholes to deliver a seamless experience right from the moment when students set their feet on the campus. They are numerous free and open-source CRMS, but here we discuss the most reliable and widely used resource of education CRM – Free demo with SuiteCRM.

How SuiteCRM for education institutes is the best choice?

It is considered the most suitable choice because it automates and perfectly manages the communications with all audiences effectively. By all audience, we mean the current students, the prospective students, and the alumni. It basically effectuates the easy accessibility by consolidating and storing the customer information and details, like name, educational background and social media contacts etc, in order to personalize the messages for delivering to the clients in the well timely manner.

If we talk about the enrollment and career counseling, SuiteCRM for education institutes can be beneficial because through this software, the enrollment officers can conveniently access the details of the students and get to decide that whether the prospective students are capable of meeting the selection criteria or not. The academic counselors can look into the information via comprehensive academic reports and immediately decipher the prerequisites for the current students in order for them to achieve their academic goals.

As a significant education CRM, free demo with SuiteCRM ensures that the higher institutions do not fail to follow up on any of the customer inquiries. They are actually automated seamlessly in order to alert the responsible section or department whenever a task is assigned to them.

SuiteCRM for education institutes also involves the self-service module that is designed to enable the administration team to invest their resources strategically in the services of the institutes. Thus, by shifting the concerns of information management to the faculty as well as the students, the administration staff can focus on more productive activities of the institution.

Can SuiteCRM for education institutes really do the job?

Every education CRM is designed for one basic job- to bridge the game between the faculty and students. SuiteCRM is efficient in this task as it initiates the new and dynamic learning environment in which the services of the students and faculty are tightly linked together so that the resources and strategies can be shared to maintain a learning environment that is world class.  SuiteCRM for education Institutes can truly make a difference by providing a better connection and communication between the students and faculty members by creating the customized learning options, making the student referrals to the support programs of campus or doing similar helpful tasks.