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The Basics Of Learning In The O Level Chemistry Education

Learning O level chemistry education is mandatory for students in some countries. Many of the students who need to take O level chemistry education prepares for a big upcoming test. The pressure students feel for this test is enormous. They want to pass it during their first take. Many students spend most of their time learning and understanding chemistry education. Many take pride in getting a good score on their O level chemistry test. You should not only target passing the O level chemistry test but also to get a good score and understand chemistry. You can do this with the help of O level chemistry tuition. Here are some of the basics of learning O level chemistry education:

You Must Know What Will Be Tested

You must know what the scope of the test is for you to be able to prepare for it better. There will be three test papers that will be given to you on the exam. The first paper is a theory paper which will be done in multiple choice. You are given an hour to answer these questions but you must be careful in answering them. The questions from your study material will not appear in the same order as the test papers. The second test paper is still be a theory paper but it consists of structured questions. You will have to provide your answers on the blank space provided. You have to read the instructions carefully since you might not need to answer all the questions. You will just have to choose.  The test will run for an hour and thirty minutes, so manage your time carefully.

The third test paper will be the practical test. The practical test is divided into two. The practical test and the alternative to practical test. The first part of a practical test will be the assessment. You will be performing experiments and follow the instructions given to you. You have to do it accordingly and record data and interpretations. The last part of the test is the alternative to practical test where you will be answering questions about the practical test you have performed.

You Must Know What You Need To Do In The Test

You must carefully read the questions and instructions. Understanding the questions before answering them will let you avoid making too many mistakes. You only get a point if you answer questions correctly. Instructions must be followed. Not following the instructions will make your answer wrong.

Manage your exam time carefully. You should cover all the questions within the given time. Do not be in a hurry to finish. Make sure that you have read and understood each question well. Do not spend so much time with questions that you don’t know or you are not sure with the answer. Move on to the next question if you find it difficult to answer one question. Go back to the questions that you weren’t able to answer after you have answered all the questions that you can.


Show how you came up with your answer. When answering an equation, it would be best to put on your paper how you came up with your answer. You might be able to get a point doing this even though your answer is not perfect.

You Must Have A Checklist Of The Topics That Will Be On The O Level Chemistry Test

Making a checklist will allow you to track the topics that you already know and the topics that you need to study. You will be able to tell if you need to go back studying a topic if you doubt your knowledge about it. Making a checklist will make sure that you have studied all the topics that are included. You will be able to avoid forgetting topics that you need to study. You can get help from your O level chemistry tuition sessions with creating this checklist.