Preparation Tips for Contacting Universities for Clearing

When a student does not get accepted into the university of his or her choice, Clearing provides alternatives. You can still find a place at other respectable institutions. However, you will need to phone multiple universities to receive an offer to attend. Take the time to prepare for these phone calls and increase your chances of attending your second or third choice.

Prepare Your Documents and Notes

The first step in preparing for your phone calls is to take notes. Create a list of universities that you want to phone and a list of information that you will need to provide. If you do not already have universities that you want to attend, you can search course lists to select possible universities.

The list of information that you will need for your phone calls should include your Clearing number and UCAS ID. You may also need to discuss your test results, grades, and your preferred area of study. Gather this information on a piece of paper for quick reference when you call the universities.

Research the Universities Before Calling

The universities that you call will want to know that you are not choosing them as your last option. Make sure that you research the universities to learn more about the courses and the schools. You should also make a note of the reasons why you selected each university.

When calling the universities, you should treat the phone calls as you would a job interview. Knowing more about the university and why you want to attend the university will help make a better impression with the staff that you speak with.

Set Aside a Day to Make Your Phone Calls

You do not have a lot of time for Clearing 2018. If you wait too long, you may miss out on the opportunity to attend classes this fall. Set aside a day to make all your phone calls to ensure that you get an offer in time for the next school year.

You should also choose a time and place that is free of distractions. Choose a quiet location without any other noises. Turn off any televisions or radios and give the phone calls your undivided attention.

Always Provide Honest Responses

Always provide honest answers to any questions during the phone call. The staff may ask about your grades, your interests, and the reasons why you want to attend the university. Speak politely and truthfully throughout the conversation.

Typically, if the university decides to offer you the opportunity to attend classes, they will let you know during the phone call and then send a confirmation email. Make sure that the university has your correct email address and phone number during the phone call.

Remember these suggestions as you prepare to call universities. Take the time to prepare and gather your information. Set aside time to call the universities when you are not distracted and treat the phone calls as a job interview. Besides these tips, do not forget to enter your choice within the time frame after receiving an offer.