Online DBS Checks for UK Schools

Schools in the UK must comply with Ofsted and ISI requirements when hiring staff and by using the onlinescr Portal, essential DBS checks on staff can be carried out. Once you have registered your school with Onlinescr, your Single Central Record (SCR) can be accessed at any time through an easy to use interface and ordering DBS checks can be carried out with a click and order facility, with the results automatically added to your SCR. From the main menu, you can add authorised staff as users and any checks carried out on your behalf will be invoiced to your school on a monthly basis.

Round the Clock Access

Once registered, you have 24/7 access to your SCR and can order online DBS checks whenever you wish and the data is encrypted onto the organisation’s servers, ensuring total security. Once you have successfully registered your school, you can upload your SCR onto the system and from that time on, a single interface is all you need to manage your SCR and order DBS checks that ensure you are compliant with DFE guidelines.

This online system has many advantages, saving you time and increasing efficiency, while complying with the necessary requirements. There is a one-time registration fee, along with an annual fee for each SCR, with additional costs for specific checks that you order. The system works by emailing the job applicant the online disclosure application, which is sent to the organisation for an ID check and once this has been completed, the data is then forwarded to the DBS, with the results sent to the client’s SCR.