JSGP offers Top Quality Public Policy Programs

There are various subjects like political science and public administration that, in fact, deal with public affairs in general, but again they are not efficiently equipped towards formulating an enduring answer for public issues or for that matter breaking down as to  how public organizations can manage these issues. It is precisely the gap and the requirement for a subject that can offer an enduring answer for these issues that has brought into existence Public Policy as a program of study.

Albeit generally new in India in contrast with other more established programs and courses of study, public policy as program of study has rapidly grabbed the interest of students in India. A program in public policy and governance in India not too long ago only attracted the interest and attention of  mid-level government workers and civil servants  is currently becoming progressively popular with fresh graduates as well as professionals  from a wide assortment of backgrounds are enrolling in this program for the new and exciting career progression opportunities that it offers. Degrees identified with the field of public policy go by numerous names such as Master of Science in Public Policy, Master of Public Affairs and Master of Public Administration among others.

O P Jindal Global University has top quality public policy colleges in India. This premium quality institute with its diverse student body and practice-oriented teaching contribute towards a more global outlook and better practical knowledge among students. This renowned university also offers mid-career and executive education programs designed specifically for the on-going education needs of working professionals who cannot attend regular classes. After obtaining your degree in this exciting and dynamic discipline you can find yourself competent and capable to work in a host of governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, NGOs, consulting firms and international organizations among others.