great dissertation

How to select a great dissertation topic in 4 easy steps

Given that your dissertation will most likely be the most important piece of work you do at university, it is key that you select an amazing topic. Understandably many students find it difficult to choose a dissertation topic, but we can help. Simply follow these handy tips and you’ll be well on your way to writing a fantastic dissertation!

  1. Choose a topic that has interested you throughout your studies.

Throughout your degree, it is likely that you will have developed an area of study that really interests you. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a dissertation topic that reflects your passion for the subject area, plus you will already have an extensive base of knowledge and sources to use! Alternatively, if you know what interests you but you can’t think of a topic, a UK essay writing service will be happy to help out!

great dissertation

  1. Work backwards

Firstly, think about what most interests you about your chosen area of study. Is there something you’ve always wanted to research? Make mind maps to help you decide which angle you want to use and discuss your ideas with your tutor or peers. When you’ve decided two or three key points, turn them into questions. You can then use these as the basis for the title of your dissertation. Easy!

  1. Stick to what you know

If the idea of venturing forth into the unknown scares you, it’s not a bad idea to replicate what others have done in the past and it’s also a good way of ensuring that you know exactly where your dissertation will take you. Of course, we don’t advise that you directly copy the work of others, but rather use what has been tried and tested for your own research. If you need inspiration or ideas, a UK essay writing service will certainly be able to steer you in the right direction.

  1. Be realistic

If you’re passionate about a certain topic or subject, great! However, take care that you are realistic about your timeframe and resources. According to UK essay writing services, many students dive straight into their dissertations and forget to take into consideration the scope of their project. Often this means that such students run out of time and resources; a position you definitely do not want to find yourself in.