Do you find Chemistry hard?

Do you find it hard to keep your Chemistry grades up? Are you getting your elements and compounds mixed up? Does the Periodic table bamboozle you? This article is for you.

A lot of students face trouble with Chemistry lessons. Sometimes when you are in a class full of students, it can be a little difficult to follow the lessons. Each student learns at a different rate, so some students might feel that the teacher’s going too fast, or too slow. With a complex subject like Chemistry, this problem is compounded. In such a scenario, having a one to one student teacher session can be immensely beneficial. The teacher can show special attention in monitoring the student’s progress, and the student also feels comfortable in asking questions or getting doubts clarified.

There can be a lot of challenges in getting a private tutor. The student may not be able to afford a private tutor; or there can be scheduling issues, with a lot of students also taking up part time jobs to support their studies. The travelling and distance can be another factor in cases where there are no good tutors in the neighbourhood for a student. In all such cases, the best solution would be to engage the services of an online chemistry tutor.


The students can take the class according to their convenient time. The classes can be recorded and played by the students whenever they find time. They can take it from their house and don’t have to travel anywhere. This saves them a lot of time which can be utilized for more studying or working. Online courses are more affordable than hiring a private tutor. The online mode of learning is very useful for students who are shy and are more comfortable dealing with an online course rather than interacting with teachers face to face. Online teaching can accommodate different styles of teaching and the students can pick the option which suits them the best. Self paced learning options allow the students to learn at their own pace according to their speed of learning.

The online mode of learning is beneficial not only for students, but also for adults who had discontinued their leaning, and would like to get back to their studies. Subjects like Chemistry are hard to learn by themselves, and it’s imperative to take the assistance of a tutor.

Things to watch out for

Before the students enroll in and pay for an online course, they have to keep a lot of things in mind. They have to choose the course, the timing and the style of teaching that suits them the best. They need to properly research the given courses before they take a decision to enroll. Most courses are non-refundable and once you enroll for a particular class, you have to see it through. The balance between taking a live session, where doubts can be cleared at the same time, and self paced learning options need to be struck to optimize the learning.

While there are a lot of advantages for joining an online course, the biggest challenge is to find the motivation to complete the studies on their own. It is difficult for students who can’t find the discipline to go for un-monitored classes. Chemistry is one subject where lab work is very important, and it can be difficult to simulate in an online environment. Students have to keep this in mind and have an alternate solution or go for an option where the online chemistry tutor provides a solution for this issue. Online learning is a great benefit that students can avail, and it should be put to a good use, by selecting a proper instructor.