Dance steps

Dance classes

Tap dance

This is also a dance form. This is basically African and American dance style. In this tapping sound is produced from the metal plates. Metal plates are attached to both the ball and the dancer’s shoe. These metal plates when tapped on the hard surface produce the sound.Dance steps

Wedding dance

Wedding is a special occasion for everyone. Wedding dance has its own importance. And everyone wants to make his wedding dance memorable. But think if you don’t know how to dance.You will want that your wedding dance should be perfect. There is no need of worry because there are many institutes which provide wedding dance training. They will teach you dance within the given time period. Not only the wedding couple to dance other families also have to dance. They want to give a group performance on the marriage ceremony. Then if they don’t know how to prepare for that and anyone of them don’t know how to dance. Then they can take the help of the trainer. In a group dance synchronization must between the group members.

So if you want that your performance should be the best then you have to take the help from the trainer. Normally, we can choose any song for the dance but trainers also provide you best song for wedding dance. They can also provide you dresses which suits your dance form. And this will make your dance more attractive. And you will surprise everyone. You can ask them to provide a home trainer that can learn you at home. They can also provide that but you have to pay extra charges for that. To know more about it, nyc first dance

Demo classes

They can also provide the demo classes. You can take that so that you can get an idea about, how they teach you. There may be the facility of free classes. Whether they will be providing then it will not be bad for you. For this you have to just ask about the date of demo or free classes. For this they can say you to fill a registration form. And you just have to fill that form, they will tell you all other details. And they will tell you the schedule of demo classes.


There are testimonials which provide the feedback of other users. You can read about their experiences. They provide the information about, how were their dance classes. And how were their services.


Schedule is provided to you on the site for each dance class. You should give the focus on the schedule. And ask them for the details of morning and evening shifts. And it is up to you to select the schedule which suits you.