Captain my Captain: Two Character Traits of Entrepreneurs

In over seven years, I have met all kinds of entrepreneurs. One of the things I enjoy most about my work is working with these oftentimes remarkable people. It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurs like to think about their “kind” in terms of either having or not having “the blood” that makes it possible to run your own company. Overcoming challenges with over-average ambition and level of organization, they will always be a little bit ahead of the game.

In this article, I want to share with you two lesser known aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset. I hope that they will be an inspiration for you to grow and bend yourself towards these ideals, that make the entrepreneur capable of executing his many duties and tasks.

Entrepreneur Character Aspect One: A Good Entrepreneur is Shameless

Reading this subheader, let us quickly ask the question of what makes the entrepreneur good in the sense of the word here. Him or her being “good” does not necessary mean he employs ethical thinking. We can often observe how people of twilighty personality can make a profit from the markets situation. But no matter if the entrepreneur is from the light or from the dark side, both have to be shameless and bold in the face of competition. Of course for a good person it is maybe easier to be shameless knowing that their product or services are having a positive impact on this world, but purely talking about success probability: The more shameless you can approach your customers and clients, the more convincing you will come across with your offering.


Entrepreneur Character Aspect Two: You Have to Aim for Messages of Love

The entrepreneurial character has to have some or the other form of love inside. The recurring and steady presence of the yearning for love in the soul of men is a permanent source of business value to your enterprise. As a politician, it is very easy to create capital from the spreading of fear and grief. But you will find that in the business field negativity is very hard to sell. It is much rather being a fun part of the carnaval that your offering will be noticed. We all want to buy things that make us happy. Only in very special fields (for example defense, security, funeralĀ  services and the like) you should steer your positive message not so much in the direction of amusement but rather speak to other emotions. However, always keep in mind that directing your message to work the emotions of potential buyers, you will usually be golden.

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