Best Online Tools for College Students

Being a college student can be a time when you are faced with dealing with more stress and a bigger workload than at any previous time in your life. When you are striving to complete numerous assignments and stay on top of both your educational and blossoming college social life, it is always handy to have a number of online resources and tools that you can turn to for some help when you are in need. It’s 2016, after all, and student life and online life is more interlinked than it has ever been. Here is a list of the best online tools for college students.

  1. Paper Rater

This is handy tool that you can use for checking the grammar, spelling and punctuation of an essay before you submit it to your professor. You upload your work to the site and it returns with all of the errors that you may have missed highlighted and ready for editing. It will also ‘rate’ your essay for its overall quality to give you an idea of what your grade might be.

  1. Online Stopwatch

This is a really handy online tool for students who want to practise their timing before important exams. If you know that you are only going to have two hours to complete a paper under exam conditions, then you can set this stopwatch and train yourself to excel within the exact same time frame that you will be faced with when the big exam day comes.

  1. Top10Writers

If you are looking to outsource some of your assignments to professional writers so that you can focus on other deadlines that are coming up, then head over to so get an opinion of the very best paper writing service lists that offer this kind of work online. If you stick to trusting the reviews on Top10Writers, then you will find your work in the best hands possible.

  1. Q10

This is a really great tool for students who are very easily distracted when they try to work on their computer. The programme is essentially a really stripped down version of a word processor that turns your laptop screen on a big full screen page with a few essential tools like spell check and even a timer so you can see how long you have been working. It’s the perfect writing space for those whose attention tends to stray; one of the best distraction free essay tools out there.

  1. SpellCheckPlus

Let’s be real, even though you are at college education level, you still struggle with certain tricky words that you have never been 100% sure how to spell! SpellCheckPlus is not only great for simple spell checking, but it also runs a great programme that scans your work and detects certain areas where you might want to remove, add or edit certain marks of punctuation. One simple comma can make a big difference, so don’t leave it to chance. Check the best tools for college students on AcademicHelp.