Are you Near Graduation? Here are 6 Ideas for your Business Startup

The number of startups being opened in the last couple of years has been on the rise. Some of them even attracted the attention of the biggest players in the industry and got serious funds for their projects. If you are about to finish your studies and you want to embrace the inner entrepreneur, there are dozens of choices ahead of you.

The key is to identify what you can provide to customers, identify your competition and do some quick market research. Bear in mind that the closer your startup is related to the IT industry, the higher the chances of success are. This is simply because the IT industry expansion is huge and this market offers a number of opportunities for successful entrepreneurs.

Start an Accountant Firm

Start a firm that will do bookkeeping for small to medium-sized businesses. As I have mentioned ,there are dozens of startups being launched and all of them need a bookkeeper. If your ambitions are higher than becoming a bookkeeper, you can consider several other options such as providing more complicated services – financial reports, income statements, balance sheets or any other report that companies tend to request in order to estimate their current position on the market.

Start to Provide Editorial Services

One of your majors was English literature? You are good at creative writing? The Editorial Service business has been on the rise in the past few years, because people want to publish relevant and well-written content on their blog pages in order to attract more visitors and increase the domain authority of their websites. There are several services that you can provide as an editorial-based small business: Ghostwriting, Copywriting, Book Writing (eBooks fall into this category too), Web page content provider, proofreading etc.

Start an Online Store

Online stores are very popular and the ecommerce industry is only going to expand in the following years. Worldwide sales made in this industry are estimated to reach 2.4 billion of US dollars by the end of 2018. So, pick the merchandise you want to feature on your online store, find suppliers, use one of the website builders that has great support for ecommerce – Weebly, Squarespace, Wix etc – and make sure to pick one of the best credit card processors that supports online purchases.

Mobile App Development

There are dozens of job openings for software engineers. If you got a diploma in software engineering, you can start your career as your own boss very easily. There are two options you can consider. Either you come up with an idea and then look for people who like to invest in startups that develop apps for smartphones, or offer custom mobile app development services to other companies that need them. And trust me its 2017, everyone needs a mobile app in order to establish better online presence and market through this channel.

Event Planning

Organizing events is a service that will never be outdated. You can start your business by offering something new on the market. Start by gathering all, and I do mean all, the information on different locations in your city. What do they offer? Can you order catering there or do they provide their own food?

Can there be a band or a DJ? Identify locations good for businesses events, networking, kid’s parties, weddings, retirement parties, birthday parties. Hire a pro photographer to get the pictures. Get a website, publish what you offer, and start social media marketing campaign.

Personal Trainer

A fitness center can be a great business establishment. You were great in sports throughout your university years? You are fit and would like to help others achieve that? This might just be the perfect time for you to become a personal trainer, since physical shape and health are heavily emphasized all around the globe nowadays.

Get a website, make an Instagram and Facebook business page and start advertising. Let the people in on what you are offering. If the business expands you can start your own fitness center and develop your own fitness program. Go for it!

Hopefully these ideas will help with coming to a decision for what you want to do in the future. If nothing listed here attracts your attention, don’t worry, you can go online and check other resources where you might just find the idea that clicks with you.