A Study Guide To Acing Your Biology Exam

With exam season coming up, students across the country are busy in their preparations. Along with the physics and chemistry students, there are also the biology students who are prepping for their final exams.

The thing that makes Biology students stand out among their peers is the sheer size, volume and number of textbooks the students can be seen carrying around. We know of the humongous amounts of course material a biology student has to go through to clear his/her exams.

So how can one be expected to study huge course materials, memorize it and write it word for word in the exam? Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Not to worry, as we have got you covered with the perfect study guide to acing your biology exam. Here are some ways you can implement to your studying to ace your Biology exams:

  1. Visualize the diagrams: In Biology there are a large number of topics that need to be memorized by the students. Topics such as Oxygen cycle are topics that go hand in hand with the diagrams. Once you can visualize the diagram and the different components in it, you will be able to write any question that is asked to you on the subject.
  2. Flash Cards: Flash cards are extremely useful in learning and retaining information as one can write down topics on one card and one on another card, this will let you to associate topics within a central one and will help you remember too.

Let’s take the topic of DNA Structure, there are a lot of different components in the DNA structure, so if you write down a flash card with double helix and DNA replication; you can associate the two and visualize the twin ladder structure of the DNA molecule and the process during which a DNA molecule makes two identical copies of itself. Thus, this is why Flash cards would be useful in learning for your exams.

  1. Memorize terms not paragraphs: One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to memorize paragraphs of information without even making sense of it. If we consider the oxygen Cycle, there are 4 different reservoirs that make up the structure of the oxygen cycle such as the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. Thus these 4 different reservoirs constitute the oxygen cycle and if we remember the terms; we do not need to memorize the paragraphs of information but can rely on a few key points for memorization.

Thus, these are a few points that need to be kept in mind while preparing for your exams. For more information on Biology you can check out our extensive article enlisting all the details on the DNA structure. Also, you could subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube Channel for more information related to the DNA structure.