A guide to Student Accommodation in Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is a top educational establishment, based in Portsmouth U.K, alongside a variety of other lower tier colleges and nearby universities. As a large school, with over 20,000 students, Portsmouth presents some issues for students searching for accommodation.  The university itself has limited housing, mostly reserved for undergraduate students, which proves challenging for second or third year students in need of accommodation. For this reason, we’ve created a short guide to student accommodation in Portsmouth, in the interest of facilitating the process for you and your family.

Those who don’t qualify for university accommodation will have to rent their own place, or alternatively, live at home. Renting for students is very common, and most students choose to rent in a group as opposed to individually. However, those wishing to live alone will typically have both private rooms and entire flats as options to consider.

Renting privately is a popular option for those wishing to avoid agency fees, and find cheaper accommodation overall. However, it’s important to note that renting privately does present its own set of risks. Firstly, if you choose to rent directly from a landlord, then you aren’t protected from any potential scams. Agencies will find you real, reliable accommodation- whereas directly renting from the owner could result in money lost or properties falling through. Moreover, renting privately means incurring the risk of living in a damaged or poor quality property, that the private renter has no intention of fixing. Most agencies will only work with qualified, fair landlords- and this will in turn ensure that your experience is nothing but positive.

However, in Portsmouth especially, you shouldn’t rule out private renting. If you are able to find a room or property offered by a family run business, or reliable owner, as is often the case in Portsmouth- then you can enjoy reduced costs; rolling contracts and more flexibility overall.

If you’re struggling to find a property in the first place, then you’re not alone. Portsmouth is relatively small, and the number of properties available are often occupied, or reserved. However, as a university city, there is always accommodation to be found. The trick is to look carefully and consistently, ensuring that you regularly scour local agency pages and group forums. The best place to search for accommodation is on the internet, and if you’re looking to rent through an agency, then Rightmove.com or Unilife.com are both excellent options. Those looking to rent privately, however, may benefit from searching Facebook pages with names such as ‘Portsmouth University Rooms For Rent’ or websites where users list items for rent and sale- such as Gumtree and Craigslist.

Portsmouth, as with any city in England, offers variety and affordability to students. However, in order to ensure that your experience nothing short of the ideal, it’s critical that you research thoroughly- and don’t settle for the first place. Schedule several viewings, take pictures, consider your options thoroughly and then commit.